Great companies are defined as much by what they don't do as they are by what they do. So here's a list of things that we at Innobridge DON'T do:


We don’t invest for purely financial reasons

Don't get us wrong, we love great returns too. But we won't invest in a team just for financial gains.
Founders who inspire us are those who have identified real innovations - be they technological, operational, or philosophical.



We don't do
late-stage deals

We have nothing against pre-IPO deals that bring modest but certain payoffs; they're just not our flavor of tea.
We prefer discovering talented founders early - often before they’ve figured out their business model.



We don’t mindlessly demand early profit

As early investors, we understand that building great companies from scratch takes time, and that chasing early profits isn't always compatible with that goal.
So we prefer partnering with founders to build something that lasts, rather than form brief alliances that pay.



We don't do deals where the only thing we offer is money

Money is usually the least attractive asset we offer to founders. When we have little to contribute other than coins, we almost never invest. When we do invest, we connect founders with a vast array of corporate partnerships, far-reaching channels, and seasoned mentors.